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Halloween Night 10/27

Hello, all!  This Saturday, October 27th, will be Anime Club’s annual Halloween party!  It will be in Violet Hall, in the 1200 wing, from 6 to midnight.  What does this mean to you?  Food, fun, and glory!  Yes, GLORY.  There will be a costume contest, most likely occurring between 9 and 10 sometime.  For those of you who enter, you have a chance of winning a fabulous prize.  AND GLORY!  So, dust off those old Power Ranger suits and come by and see us.

Food will also be provided, but only because members bring it.  If you intend on eating food at this event, please bring something to share.  And if you are bringing something that needs serving utensils (knife for a cake or some such) please supply it.  And plates, cups, and plastic fork/knife/spoons are always welcome.  Additionally, please take home your serving plates/bowls/knives when you leave or we will sell them on eBay and laugh and laugh and laugh… seriously, we don’t need James walking around with a chocolatey knife again.

Banner Contest

To all of our wonderful members at Anime Club of Truman, we need you for the following: design a cool/witty/creative/anime-inspired banner for our website and Facebook group. The winner of this contest will have their banner displayed for the world to see for the entire month of November.

Here are the details:

  • banner dimensions are 940px x 198px
  • the file size must be no larger than 50kb
  • one submission per member per month

Submit your entries to as a file attachment.

Deadline is Friday, October 26th where we will show off all of the submitted  banners in club during announcements for the entire club to vote on.

Super Ongoing Show Voting!

Voting for the super ongoing show has now started! Voting will run from today October 19th to October 26th. Any user may vote for the two shows that they would like to see.

Show descriptions can be found here:


Unofficial Night 10/12/2012

Greetings, everyone!  The webmaster has gotten the president to stop being a bum and post stuff!  This Friday, October 12th, will not be an official meeting for Anime Club.  For those of you that will be here, the room is still reserved in our name, at the same time.  I just checked my email to make sure.  What does unofficial mean?  It means that whoever shows up gets to watch whatever they want.  It will not count towards the continuation of the ongoing shows, and the grab bags that were voted on this past Friday will have to wait a week.

For those of you that are going home this weekend, drive safe.  For those of you that are staying in town, party hardy, and don't wreck MG 1000.

Pokemon Night 2012!

It's that time again for Anime Club's Pokemon night to celebrate the upcoming release of Black & White 2.

WHEN: Saturday, October 6th; 6pm-12am

WHERE: MG 1000

We'll be hosting tournaments for both 4th and 5th generation video games and a card game tournament as well as a viewing of the Best Wishes movie.

Specific details can be found in our forums at:

Don't have a video game team or  card deck but still want to participate? We'll have a few decks and rental teams available for people to use as well.

See you there!