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February Banner Contest

It's that time again. To all of our wonderful members at Anime Club of Truman, we need you for the following: design a cool/witty/creative/anime-inspired banner for our website. The winner of this contest will have their banner displayed for the world to see for the entire month of February so try and give it a bit of Valetine's flair if you'd like.

Here are the details:

  • banner dimensions are 940px x 198px
  • the file size must be no larger than 50kb
  • one submission per member per month

Submit your entries to as a file attachment.

Deadline is Friday, January 25th where we will show off all of the submitted  banners in club during announcements for the entire club to vote on.



So yeah, welcome back everybody and hope you've had a good break/holiday/winter.

A couple things: 

We will be meeting on Friday, same time same place as always.  The schedule is up.

We will be doing another art sale this semester, a friendly reminder for those of you that wish to sell your wares.


That's all that's coming to me right now, anything else we have to tell you will be discussed during announcements.


See everybody Friday!