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2013 Semester Show Results

We're proud to present that the Fall 2013 Anime Club ongoing shows will be:


in first with a commanding a 15 votes…

Blood Lad



in second place with 13 votes we have the lovely…

Attack on Titan


With Toriko(12) and Gargantia(11) trailing slightly behind.

Thank you to all those who voted and we'll see you in club!



The Time to Slack is Now! 2013 Fall Anime

Classes coming down on you? Stressed beyond belief because of an upcoming essay? Worry not minions and feast upon these upcoming autumn animes or perhaps suggest something that catches your eye in club.

2013 Fall Anime Chart

Ongoing Show Voting

Ongoing Show voting has begun.   


With the password Lydia will be sending out to current members, you will be able to access voting at this link


For a refresher on the shows we are voting on  this semester please visit the forum page