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    Meeting called to order: 1:00 PM
    Officers present: Grayson, Jade, Megan, C. James, Zach
    Members present:

    Show Schedule for 9/1/2017:
    7:00 – 8:00 PM Toradora (mild violence, mild fanservice)
    8:00 – 9:00 PM My Hero Academia (bullying, violence, mild fanservice)
    Oh No Hour Game/Contest
    9:00 – 10:00 PM Natsume’s Book of Friends (TBD)
    10:00 – 11:00 PM Mob Psycho 100 (“surrealism”, sexual content, and body horror)
    11:00 – 11:30 PM Brandon’s Oh No! Hour

    Vice President / MP:
    -start nominations 9/1 (second meeting)
    —-before nominations, explain voting / nominations
    -voting 9/8 (third meeting)
    -if no one gets nominated duties will be absorbed by the remaining officers

    Activities Fair:
    -Wednesday 8/30 from 2-6 PM
    -Need people to sign up for time slots
    —-President will send out sign-up
    -What to have at the booth:
    —-posters from previous president
    —-people to bring things! E.g. merch, candy, figurines
    -tiny fliers (zach, grayson, and megan to make art for them. Get art to megan by monday night)

    Club Poster:
    -posters to print?
    —-get poster approved by CSI

    -talk about after VP and due’s are figured out

    -update by end of fall semester
    -we cannot get enough dues to stay out of financial strain, thus dues may need to be a thing

    -new things for groups this year!!!!!
    —-informal groups vs established clubs and organizations
    -prices for group badges by tier
    —-tier 1 due 10/8 = $35
    —-tier 2 due 12/3 = $40
    —-tier 3 due 2/4/2018 = $45
    -any badges payed for after February are $55 and not part of a group price

    Club Dues:
    -how much? $3/ semester, $5/yr or $5/semester….to ask members
    -what exactly will they be used for? Allow you to: vote in elections and ongoing, “active members”, party $games (e.g.pinata), etc.
    -when are the dues due? ⅘ weeks into semester i.e. before ongoing voting happens!
    -when to bring up dues? This week
    -when will we vote dues? 9/15

    Club Roster:
    -October 27th

    The Bank:
    -paper statements cost money now
    —-e-statements would be good
    —-can we do that? Jade will ask on Monday
    -pay it off / get back to where we want to be: bank took $10, accepting donations
    -we still owe Zach money $

    Meeting adjourned: 2:20 PM

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