New Website is a Go!


The Anime Club of Truman website is undergoing some vast changes over the coming week to better deal with the needs of our members. As of right now this site will be used for schedules and event information pertaining to the club and will be expanded upon later.


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  1. Is there a way to change our banner or possibly having it rotate the banners again?

    • PsychosisByOsmosis PsychosisByOsmosis

      New banner is now up! Sorry it took so long. I curse the hair of Misuzu and Gintoki. Can you give me the old banners so I can experiment with them and this site?

  2. Doallem Doallem

    There is a way to change it. I don’t think any of us other than you have the old banners though.

    • Windstriker Windstriker

      Psychosis is working on a new banner that fits the dimensions and we’ll probably host contests for people to create new banners.