Oh No Hour News

For the very first meeting (the informal one this Friday), I, as the esteemed and humble mascot, will show the very first “Oh No Hour.” For the newcomers, Oh No Hour will be explained at this upcoming meeting and the first formal meeting as well.
However, there WILL BE a contest on this informal meeting for next week’s first formal meeting. As a heads up, this contest will be held in our the Website (, so pay your membership and be able to log in if you want to participate! All rules and such will be explained Friday, see you then!

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  1. Windstriker Windstriker

    Do we have some sort of schedule set up for the rest of the night as well?

    • Genevieve Genevieve

      Don't think so.  Dylan has alluded to some sort of game but nothing on shows.

      Maybe our secretary can lug the library down and we pick from there?

      • Doallem Doallem

        The library is in my possession.  Unfortunately, still in disk form mostly… I'LL FIX IT, HONEST.  The schedule partially depends on who we get, so I'm keeping an open mind for now. We can try to iron some stuff out tomorrow, I'm sure.