And the image is also the Oh No Hour Contest.  Find the shamrock and name all of the characters in the image! Send Jacque an e-mail with it’s location! (her e-mail is on her profile at  They will be timestamped, so the first one who gets it to her is the winner!

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  1. Animerican_Redeemed Animerican_Redeemed

    After someone submits their answers and gets them all right, could a notice or update be put in either the comments or the main post– for this contest and all other furutre contests? Something along the lines of “CONTEST OVER”? Don’t want to work on answering a contest for a long while (been out of the loop re:Pokemon for a while, so this *will* take me awhile) only to find out that someone won before me…

    • Jacque Jacque

      I will be announcing it soon John. I would never NOT post on here if someone won. I just like to give people a chance at having fun with the contest. It’s not much of a contest if I don’t let more then one person answer. Plus if I don’t say who won very soon, winner cant come up with a good Oh No hour show in time.