Spring Ongoing Show Voting has Begun!

The time to vote for our spring 2013 ongoing shows is upon us.

Those of you that are paid members should have receieved an email from the President with the password to access the ballet. Just pick your top 3 shows you would like to watch this semester, fill out the form with your name and Truman email( if you do not have one, just use another one, we use this as identification purposes).

The ballet can be access by clicking Official Voting in the menu up above or a direct link here:

Voting ends 12:00 PM Friday, February the 8th.

(If you have any trouble voting, please contact one of us ASAP!)

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  1. Animerican_Redeemed Animerican_Redeemed

    Already notified Dylan about this… Basically, the same anime title is, as of right now, listed in two different ways in the poll. Specifically, Occult Academy was listed as both Occult Academy and Seikimatsu Occult Academy. That ought to be fixed, me thinks.


  2. Windstriker Windstriker

    Done and done.