Welcome to/ back to Truman!

Since most of us will be moving back in about 2 days, I'd like to take a moment to tell everybody welcome back!  And since we will (hopefully) be having new folks looking on this page, welcome to Truman, and the Anime Club!  I'm Dylan Hanson, president of the Anime Club of Truman for the 2012- 2013 school year.  Here's some information on stuff coming up in the first couple of days/ weeks.

-We are having a joint demo/ shouting contest with the Bellewode chapter of SCA and the RPG club of Truman.  Not sure what those are?  You can find out, if you show up.  Ah yes, the when and where would help, right.  The first two days of regular classes, the 23rd and 24th as they happen to be, we will be out on the quad starting at around 10ish both days.  Bring Anime or Manga related stuff and we will proudly display it upon tables for the world to see.

-Speaking of the 24th, we do have the room reserved for the very first Friday, I just checked my email on this… for the third time.  It will be a less structured meeting, geared towards welcoming people back, getting to know the new people, catching up with the ones we already know, and sorting out an idea of what we would like to do this year.

-The following Wednesday, the 29h of August, is the activities fair.  Similar to the demo/ shouting contest, only with less shouting and we may not be near the other two organizations.  Bring related materials for display, and do remember to talk with the new people.

I am rather long winded, I apologize.  Once again, welcome to Truman, and here's to another good year!

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    Hey, could you limit the amount of pictures that are added to posts? 1-2 at most on the front page are fine but please keep them in the forums instead. I ask this because adding too many images to the front page bogs the website down.