Club Constitution

Anime Club of Truman Constitution

Article I—Name

The organization of which this constitution governs shall be known as the Anime Club of Truman.

Article II—Purpose

A.      Goals:  The purpose of the Anime Club of Truman is to allow an outlet for members to share and enjoy the genre of anime and its related subjects.

B.      Objectives:  To attain these goals, the organization is to provide activities that allow the enjoyment of the genre, including but not limited to, viewing relevant material, contests, and discussions.

Article III—Membership

A.      Eligibility:  Any interested person may become a member.

B.      Categories of Membership:  There is one category of membership within the Anime Club of Truman:  Regular members that are registered on the club roster. 

C.      Criteria of Membership:  Anyone who shows up to a meeting is a regular member. 

Article IV—Elections

A.      Times and Periods of Elections:  There are three main elections throughout the year, two elections to vote in ongoing series for weekly meetings and one election to vote in the new officers for the next year.

B.      Nomination Procedures:  Any member who wishes to run for an office within the Anime Club of Truman for the following year may run provided they fit the qualifications described in Article V.7-C.

1.       Upon receiving office, the member must be willing to fulfill all duties for the relevant positions as described in Article V.  Failure to comply will result in the procedure going into effect as described in Article V.F.

C.      Election Procedures:  The election for ongoing series will occur within the first four weeks of the semester.  The election for new officers is set to occur at or very close to the end of the year, with a month before classes are over being the latest that this election may occur.  Voting is done on the Anime Club of Truman Website or during a club meeting.  Only Members on the current roster are allowed to vote in these elections.

1.      Whoever receives the most votes for the chosen office, or is the only one running for a particular office will gain the responsibilities for the office.

a.         If there is a tie for an office, there will be a second vote to break the tie.  If the tie is not broken at that point, the remaining newly elected officers will vote to break the tie.

2.       Ongoing Series: The first two shows with the most votes will be shown throughout the current semester. If one show ends before the semester ends, either the slot which the ending show was in shall become another grab bag slot, the still-ongoing show shall be doubled up on so as to also take the newly-opened slot and still remain within its current slot, or the show with the third most votes will be shown in its place. The action which shall be taken for the newly-opened slot shall be voted upon by the club. If there are multiple shows which qualified as ones with the third most votes, a vote shall be taken.

a.         In the case of a tie, the President makes the final decision.

Article V—Officers

A.      Descriptions of Officers:  There shall be six officer positions in the Anime Club of Truman:  The President, Secretary, Treasurer, Advertiser, Mascot, and Webmaster

B.      Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

1.       The President is responsible for running meetings, managing the subordinate officers, putting votes before members, and executing the results of those votes.  The President shall write a weekly newsletter informing club members of upcoming news.  The President is responsible for all risk management tasks.

2.       The Secretary is responsible for maintaining all of the non-financial records of the Anime Club of Truman while also maintaining and updating the Library.  The Secretary shall be in charge of running the voting for weekly “grab bag” shows at the beginning of each meeting.

3.       The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all of the financial records of the Anime Club of Truman.  They must provide a document providing information regarding financial income and expenditures each month. They must keep an accurate separation of the general club funds and convention trip money in the club’s single financial account. 

4.       The Advertiser is responsible for posting information about the Anime Club of Truman and recruitment. They are also in charge of making sure copyrighted material is not used in advertisements.

5.       The Mascot is responsible for the creation of contests to give Members a chance to pick a series for an hour slot at the end of the meeting.  The Mascot will substitute for any officer unable to fulfill their role.

6.       The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining and updating the Anime Club of Truman Website and Facebook page.  They also have the power to delete a post on both the Facebook page and Anime Club of Truman Website that they feel is inappropriate or against club policies.

7.       Delegation:  Any officer may assume the tasks of any other officer if necessary and agreed upon.

C.      Qualifications for Becoming an Officer:  The requirement to become an officer is to be a current Truman Student, currently on the club roster, and have document evidence of attending at least six meetings within the prior year of their term.

D.      Terms of Office:  Officers hold their positions for a year, until the next election takes place.  The previous officers shall train the new officer team for the remainder of the year.

E.       Procedure for Filling Vacated Offices:  When an office is vacant, the responsibilities of that office fall upon the Mascot until an emergency election can be held for that position.

F.       Procedure for Removal of an Officer:  Removal of an officer requires a complaint from a member or officer with an officer sponsor.  After the complaint is presented to members at a meeting, the accused has a two week period to reform their actions or present a defense. Failure to do so will result in automatic removal from office.  Otherwise, removal requires a 2/3 majority vote of members present at that meeting with quorum.  Quorum being 1/3 of all members on the current roster.   

Article VI—Members

A.      Time and Occurrence of Meetings:  Meetings are to be held weekly, unless otherwise posted.

B.      Special Meetings:  Special meetings may be called by an officer or a club member sponsored by an officer of the club.

C.      Method of Conducting Meetings:  The meetings are to be conducted however the President sees fit.

D.      Business Meetings:  The Business Meetings will be held weekly at a time and day determined at the start of the semester for the discussion of club business.  Officer attendance is mandatory unless the officer(s) unable to attend have legitimate reason(s) to be excused from attending and contact an officer attending the meeting prior to the time of.

1. If an officer cannot attend physcially, video chat or any available method to communicate that is agreed upon by the officers may be used to attend.

Article VII—Finances

A.     Expenditures:  All expenditures and reimbursements must be authorized by the President AND the Treasurer.  If the President is not present, then jurisdiction will fall to the Mascot.  If the Mascot is not present it falls to the most available current officer to make the decision. Upon dissolution of the organization, all funds are to be donated to a charity of the members’ choosing, all property of the club is to be auctioned off, the proceeds of which will also be donated to charity of choice.   

B.  There are no dues for this club.

C.  If the club runs into financial strain, defined as the funds of club going under the value of $200.00, a fundraising event will be held to replenish the funds for club.  The fundraising event will be organized by the officers and the Treasurer will keep track of all money used and raised in the event and report to club the net profit or loss. 

D.  Finances for Convention trips hosted by the club will be separated from general club finances.  The Treasurer will be in charge to keeping track of all money used and gained for club convention trips. Money for both convention trips and general club finances will be kept in one account.  It is the Treasurer’s duty to keep both separate from each other.

Article VIII—Advisor

A.      Selection of Advisor(s):  The Advisor is to be appointed by the officers of the organization

B.      Qualifications:  The only qualification for being an advisor is that he or she must be Truman faculty or staff.

C.      Roles/Duties of the Advisor:  The advisor is responsible for acquiring necessary resources from Truman State University.

D.      Term:  The advisor may serve until the advisor resigns, or is removed or replaced by vote of the officers.

Article IX—Amendments

A.      Proposing Amendments:  Any member may propose amendments at any meeting, verbally, or written, upon which the member will vote.

B.      Provisions:  To vote on an amendment requires at least 2/3 of the members being present.  Amendments to the constitution require at least a ¾ majority vote by the members.  Any amendments go into effect by the next meeting.

C.      If it is not possible to get 2/3 members present at a meeting, all officers shall discuss and implement changes at the business meetings.

Article X—Implementation

The constitution and/or by-laws go into effect when approved by a member vote of either a ¾ majority, or by the procedure described in Article IX.C.

Article XI—Risk Management

A. Risk Management Procedures

1. The role of risk management shall be assigned to the President.

2. All officers are responsible for promoting and ensuring mature, safe activities among members.

3. In the event of an emergency, the President is designated with calling DPS and 911 and getting the situation under control.  If the President is not present, the most available current officer with a phone is designated to call DPS and 911 and get the situation under control.  Any officer or member with first-aid skills will tend to the situation until help arrives. If all officers are incapacitated or unavailable, then it is up to members to contact the authorities.     

B. Anti-Hazing

1. The Anime Club of Truman fully understands and will abide by the anti-hazing policy as set forth in the Student Conduct Code of Truman State University 8.050.2. Expectations for Student Organization Conduct Section 14: Abusive affiliation.

C.  Emotional

1. To avoid emotional distress to all members and present participants at meetings appropriate warnings and disclaimers will be announced at meetings and posted on the forums prior to viewing of the show.  Warnings and disclaimers are necessary for graphic content, including violence, language, nudity, drug use, and sexual content, along with any possible warnings which are decided upon by the officers.

2. If a series is seen as too inappropriate for club as decided upon by the officers, then it may be placed on the club ban list. Refer to the club ban list for further details.


Article XII—Official Club sponsored Anime Conventions


  1. Anime convention trips will be hosted by the club for members to attend on a voluntary basis. 


  1. Members that attend Anime Conventions must buy their own pass but can be included in a group to qualify for a group discount under the club’s name. If a member is included in a group under the club's name and decides not to attend the convention after the payment for the pass has already been made by the club, they shall still be required to repay the club for the pass, which shall be offered at a meeting to any member of the club interested.


  2. Fundraising: other expenditures needed for convention trips will be raised via fundraising as determined by the convention committee.  These expenditures include hotel fees and gas.


  1. A convention committee will be established by club members interested in organizing a convention trip. 


  1. All members who wish to participate in the convention must assist in fundraising in the form of donations and/or time commitments.


  1. All funds raised for convention trips will be kept separate from club funds.  If there is a surplus to funds after a give convention trip, the money will roll over into the funds for the next planned convention. 


  1. Withdrawal of funds from the account will be the responsibility of the Treasurer.