Anime Club Party Food and other things list.

Okay guys it's that time of the year again!  Time to PARTY!!!!

The Anime End of Year Party will be May 4th in the VH 1200 wing.  Same rules apply as with all parties.  If you want to eat you need to bring something (food, drink, and eating utensils) to share with everyone else.  NO FREE LOADING.  

To make sure we don't end up with sixteen boxes of Dr. pepper just speak up and post what you plan to bring.  

I personaly will bring Cake and most likely meatballs.


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  1. Zorina Zorina

    Fruit.  Probably grapes or Strawberries

  2. Miyuzaki Miyuzaki

    Popcorn. 😀

  3. Genevieve Genevieve

    Juice or soda, which ever is most desired/need

    • Doallem Doallem

      Juice is not normally in huge demand, but there are some who drink Hawaiian Punch when I bring it.

  4. Adam

    Chips, pretzels and some bottled water.

  5. Doallem Doallem

    Probably chex or a sack of candy.  Looking at the list, leaning towards candy.  I also have a collection of cups from when I brought Hawaiian Punch a few times, so I'll bring those too.

  6. Huyu Huyu

    I'll be bringing Grape Soda and Swiss Rolls.

  7. Sushi,cake,cupcakes…Something. lol