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    Meeting called to order: 11:52 AM
    Officers present: Megan, Grayson, Zach, Jade
    Members present: Riley (perspective officer)

    Show Schedule:
    7:00 – 8:00 PM Laughing Under the Clouds (violence)
    8:00 – 9:00 PM Ghost Stories Dub (profanity, inappropriate language)
    Oh No Hour Game/Contest
    9:00 – 10:00 PM Dive!! (fanservice, mild nudity)
    10:00 – 11:00 PM Bungou Stray Dogs (blood, violence, gore)
    11:00 – Midnight Ericah’s Oh No! Hour

    Illegal – because gambling

    Email Problem:
    -let the club know
    —ask for emails
    -6 people’s emails not sending
    -Jade to talk to CSI, bc need to be getting treasurer emails
    —Forward emails to Jade

    Emergency Elections:
    -Nominations for Mascot: Riley
    -Nominations for Webmaster: Cthulhu
    —-paperwork to fill out change of power
    ——–in the event that the webmaster isn’t elected
    ——–Give admin privileges to Zach
    -Voting 9/22/17

    Amendment to Constitution:
    -Dues passed last week
    —$5/sem or $8/yr
    —this will depend on what officers see fit for that year
    -Due will be due 9/29 : the start of ongoing voting

    -poll to open 9/29 at midnight
    -poll to close 10/4

    Club Poster:
    -still need to approve poster with CSI

    -talk about later! (after voting on dues and officers)

    Naka Kon:
    -March 16-18 (end of spring break)
    -email list being compiled
    -first round of badge discount due by october 8th
    -people pay for their own badges
    -fundraising starts after second Naka Meeting
    -Naka meetings Sundays at 1-1:30

    Donations / Fundraiser:
    -look into showing Ghibli legally
    -stick with booths
    -Anime trivia night
    —pay for playing
    —prize per round

    Craft Night:
    -it sounds fun!!!!
    -melting beads?
    -designing buttons?
    -soft date: Saturday, possibly October 7th
    —Zach to email Megan Swingle

    Halloween Party:
    -October 28th

    Meeting adjourned: 12:28 PM

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