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    Like last time, I have several things to show, so I’ll open it to a vote. Questionable material will be marked.

    Full hour:
    Sakigake!! Otokojuku

    A show about absurdly buff highschool dropouts at a last chance prison school that they have to pay for.

    Questionable: A creepy drawn-out spanking scene featuring big manly butts, buff men in loincloths, minor racism.

    Black Lion:
    A group of ninjas fights a cyborg from the future. Oda Nobonaga gets possessed somewhere in there.


    Monster of Frankenstein:

    An anime remake of the black and white film, with other bits thrown in.

    Half hour (pick two if you pick from here)

    Spider-man: A live action Spider-man in Japan. He has a giant robot.

    Ultraman: An alien crashes his orb into a jet. To make up for it, he makes the pilot able to transform into a giant man in a suit.

    Garzey’s Wing: The first episode of a three episode series set in the Byston Well universe. They probably had 2 hours to record the entire series’s voice acting.

    Questionable: lack of genitalia nudity and sickeningly detailed wing roots

    Gun-Do Musashi: The only person in Japan with two pistols steals castles and fights ghosts. (spot the JPEGs, win a prize)

    Aim for the Ace!: A shoujo about a girl’s tennis club. There’s an absurd amount of sparkling on the main girl, she may be a vampire. (She’s not an Armstrong, she’s not beefy enough)

    Dinosaur King: It really wants to be pokemon/Yugioh/Beyblade with dinosaurs

    Mars of Destruction:Fighting aliens in a robo-suit. It’s actually terrible.

    Reign: The Conqueror: A story about Alexander the Great and the worst dressed men ever. Some of the guys have the RPG bikini of power.

    Vote for either 1 full hour show or 2 half hour shows. Remember, if something as upsetting as TMNT happens again, you guys voted on it.


    Gonna toss my vote in for Monster of Frankenstein. Wouldn’t mind most of this other randomness, though, bahaha.


    I’ll vote for Monster of Frankenstein too.


    I think I’m going with “Spider-man” and “Aim for the Ace!” for the hour


    Black Lion!


    Black Lion

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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