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    Yo! I'm making this post to not only point out/remind some  (particularly those newer to TSU) that Pickler Memorial Library has an anime selection, but also kind of catalogue here what specific titles it has (you can't find them all merely by typing in "anime" in the keyword search). I definitely had the pleasure of discovering several titles through the library that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise…. and there are simply some anime that you won't find many good-quality  or efficiently-downloadable fansubs nowadays; legit DVDs are really the best deal for them.

    Anyway, let's get started… I'll post some of the TV series titles that I know Pickler has now, and whenever I remember a title that I overlooked (or *gasp* the library gets a new acquisition, which isn't as rare as one might think), I'll add that. I'll settle on posting what anime films there are another time…

    ~~~~The TV ANIME~~~~

    BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad (Complete Series in PML)

    Vol. 1-3 (Episodes 1-26)

    Black Cat (Complete Series in PML)

    Vol. 1-6 (Episodes 1-24)

    Blue Gender (Complete Series in PML)

    Vol. 1-3 (Episodes 1-26)

    Chrono Crusade (Complete Series at PML)

    1 Volume (Episodes 1-24)

    Excel Saga (Complete Series at PML)

    Vol. 1-6 (Episodes 1-26)

    Gunslinger Girl (Compete Series at PML)

    1 Volume (Episodes 1-13)

    Revolutionary Girl Utena (First 2 of 3 seasons in PML)

    The Student Council Saga (Vol. 1-3; Episodes 1-12) 

    The Black Rose Saga  (Vol. 4-6; Episodes 13-24)

    Solty Rei (Complete Series in PML)

    1 Volume (Episodes 1-24 + 2 Bonus Episodes)


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